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Fun fact: about 65% of your body is fluid! The fluids systems are in constant motion, transforming from one state into another as they circulate through the body. Blood, CSF, Lymph, Cellular, Interstitial and Synovial: they have distinct functions, yet all are part of one fluid ecosystem, expressing multiple states of movement and mind. They support our ability to sense and feel, to find lightness and density, to create boundaries, to run fast or rest quietly. They can teach us to be adaptable, ready to shift our state at a moment’s notice – in dancing and in life. We’ll explore the diversity of our fluid expressions through embodied anatomy, intentional touch, developmental movement and dance improvisation. Previous experience in Contact Improvisation and other somatic practices is helpful but not required.

Registration fee: $150-200, sliding scale

To register, Venmo @KinesisMovementArts
Please remember to include your name and email.

Location: the Berkeley Finnish Hall (map)


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Cathie Caraker

Certified Body-Mind Centering® Instructor & Faclitiator

“I’m happy to share some of my favorite approaches to embodying the fluids systems, which I’ve developed over 3 decades of exploring this work with dancers.” – Cathie


Cathie Caraker MFA, SMT/E is a dance artist and educator who has been working in the field of dance and somatics for 35 years. She has taught extensively at dance institutes and festivals across Europe, North and South America, including the New York Improvisation Festival, Movement Research, Omega Institute, Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation, wcciJAM, Moving On Center, the School for New Dance Development, Contact Festival Freiburg, Barcelona Contact Festival, Contredanse Brussels, de Beweging Antwerp, and others. Cathie maintains a private practice in San Francisco as a Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator. Her writings on BMC and dance education have been published by Nouvelles de Danse. 

Body-Mind Centering®

 …is an approach to embodiment training developed by somatics pioneer Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. The work explores the relationship between states of movement and mind, and is based on developmental, anatomical, physiological and psychological principles.

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