Private and semi-private lessons are also available by appointment.

The Pilates Method is a sophisticated system of gentle but effective, whole-body conditioning and corrective exercise which has been popular among dancers in the US for over 80 years.

More recently, the Pilates Method is being practiced by people of all ages and backgrounds. Designed to release excess tension while producing long, strong muscles and efficient postural alignment, this mind-body fitness approach brings awareness to the breath as it strengthens the deep abdominals and other core muscles which connect the pelvis, spine and limbs.

The Pilates Method is an excellent training for anyone wishing to develop deep strength, flexibility and coordination, and can also be a very effective aid in the rehabilitation of back problems and other conditions.

Cathie Caraker has been working as a Pilates instructor since 1988. She trained under Mary Bowen, a longtime student of Joseph Pilates and master Pilates teacher. She has taught in several Pilates studios in Massachussetts and San Francisco. Cathie brings to her Pilates teaching an understanding of anatomy, injury prevention and rehabilitation from her extensive background in dance, Body-Mind Centering and yoga.

A dancer, choreographer and certified Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering, she teaches at the Theaterschool/AHK and the Institute for Somatic Movement Studies in Amsterdam and at numerous other institutions, internationally.